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Phenix Technology Inc.


We are your Washington State Phenix Distributor!

Phenix Technology is an industry recognized manufacturer of high quality professional fire helmets built to industry standards. Phenix fire helmets are used by thousands of firefighters in the United States and worldwide.

1500 Series First Due – The most popular helmet because it weighs approximately 39 ounces! This is a huge benefit when you are wearing your helmet for long periods of time.
TL-2 Series – Phenix Technology’s Traditional Leather Helmet boasts a low center of gravity and is center balanced, thus, promoting a very low degree of neck fatigue. Our traditional leather models interface with any SCBA mask.
TC-1 Series – Phenix Technology’s Traditional Composite Helmet boasts a low center of gravity and is center balanced, thus, promoting a very low degree of neck fatigue. Our traditional composite models interface with any SCBA mask.
TL-2 Miller 1884 Series – The NFPA Compliant TL-2 Miller 1884; The lightest, most comfortable and best looking leather helmet on the market! Paying tribute to the firefighters of yesterday while protecting the firefighters of today.


Our leather shields are made from real leather, are stamped with leather dyes, and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They can be customized for your individual department and rank.

6" W/Center Numbering

6" W/Medallion




 Magnetic ID Panel Systems

Our magnetic identification panels are designed for use as an accountability system. The base magnets adhere to the helmet, while the "outer" panels are 3½" x 2¼" and come in black or white. Reflective lettering comes in a variety of colors and can be configured a number of ways. The panels are interchangeable for various station assignments. We can customize them for your departments needs.


        J5 Firelids 
The J5 Firelid is the original in handcrafted, customized helmet padding. It is available in six different standard fabric designs, two special designs, and also features a customized option that allows you to have your name, station, or whatever you would like embroidered. They are fully machine washable and provide an extra level of comfort for the Phenix wearer.

Available in Standard, Deluxe and Customized designs.


Customized Fire Bucket 
Order your Leather Fire Bucket today. It can be decorated to your specifications. Use for parties, BBQ's, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Promotions, Retirement Parties, Champagne Bucket, Beer Bucket, Umbrella Bucket, use your imagination and have fun with it.
8" diameter top x 11" Tall

Call today for options and to place your order 1-888-284-8007

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