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First Due Series


The First Due 2007 Edition shell's circumference is 1/8" larger while the outer appearance is visually affected. The machining of our new shell incorporates current technology while keeping the integrity of the Phenix First Due at the highest level. Another improved feature is the "molded slot fitting" where the chinstrap attaches. The universal chinstrap attachment is now featured in ALL Phenix helmets. Our helmets have many interchangeable features that may alter the model you are choosing. Be sure to pay special attention to your desired options. If you do not see the helmet options you desire, please contact your local dealer.
The approximate weight for this helmet is 33-39oz depending on components. 
Our standard suspension liners are fully adjustable from 6 ½" to 8 ½". If necessary, other sizing adjustments may be made upon request. For extra padding and comfort in your suspension system, we offer a custom comfort pad. 
First Due Series are available in six colors- Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, White, and Black.
Other Accessory Options- D-rings, ID Bracket, Magnetic Panel Systems, Reflective Markings, ESS Goggle Sleeve, and the Deluxe Leather Comfort Package are available and can be added to any helmet in the First Due Series. 

Call now for options and to place your order 1-888-284-8007

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