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TC-1 Traditional Composite Helmet



Phenix Technology's Traditional Composite Helmet boasts a low center of gravity and is center balanced, thus, promoting a very low degree of neck fatigue. Our traditional composite models interface with any SCBA mask. We offer several options when building your custom TC-1. The Approximate weight of this helmet is 56oz. 
Our standard suspension liners are fully adjustable from 6 ½" to 8 ½". If necessary, other sizing adjustments may be made upon request.
Optional Components Include: Custom Leather ID Shield, Flip Down Eye Shield, Deluxe Leather Comfort Package, ESS Goggle Sleeve,  Leather Chin Strap and ESS Under Brim Snap-on and off Kit. 
TC-1 Composite Helmets are available in four standard colors- yellow, black, white, and red. Custom colors are available upon request for additional cost. 
TC-1 Traditional Composite Helmet

Call now for options and to place your order 1-888-284-8007

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